It's Why I Write

I have many hobbies from painting, to growing veggies indoors through hydroponics, various crafts, learning tarot cards, creating family memory videos, writing and all that it entails. I loved learning how to publish. I loved trying to figure out all the ways to create book covers, mockups, book trailers, building a website, and finally working out the details to getting my books into audio format. In fact I even started recording my books myself until Heidi Bindhammer found me. I have to say I am mighty glad she did. Hands down she has my efforts beat on this one.

Anyway, inside everything I do, have done and work at mastering, I would have to say my most satisfying hobby is writing! I would encourage anyone who thinks about writing to just do it!

Maybe your story is nonfiction - something that is share worthy. Your story might help others by letting them know they are not alone. Maybe it would inspire others. Maybe it is just something you need to get out and the world would just be interested in it. Write it!

Everyone has a story. That story could be from a dream you had one night. I know myself there have been times I have had dreams that I woke from, and so desperately wanted to fall back to sleep and back into. Some of those dreams were a good start or middle of what could have been a great story. If not a dream, there is always that fantasy that you lose track of time in - that other world that exists within your mind where characters interact with you. That fantasy could be a distant time. It could be about long ago. Maybe it is a place that doesn't exist in our world at all. It might have creatures never seen before, or maybe it is a great romance.

Your dream or fantasy already gave you direction - a plot. It might have already given you the ending. If you took the time to expand on that dream or fantasy, adding twists and turns, giving the people in it personalities and names the way you would if you could lay in that half in and out state for hours or days, it could be something great! If nothing else, great to you!

Writing isn't just words on a paper. Writing allows you to live countless hours in that dream or fantasy. Think of the depths you can take it, the realms you can visit, the people you can create. Imagine your mind opening up for you to fly like Peter Pan, talk to great minds, meet the most interesting people, watch fairies, see a never before written creature, or a chance to look deep into another world. Your imagination can let you in your mind live experiences that one lifetime would never entertain.

Think of the best book you ever read that left you craving more. As a reader we feel emotions. In books we fall for the man or woman. We even get angry or hate a particular character as if they are a reality - as if they actually hurt our loved one. We get frustrated with stupid choices the main character made, and angry when they continually make them. We bite our nails with anxious anticipation for what will happen next. We imagine every character's face, and the rooms they move within. The Author gives us their image in the way of words, but he or she can't make you see exactly what they envisioned. The Author gives you the characters but what exactly a character looks like to the Author will not be the same for you. We read the actions the Author descriptively wrote, but no one knows the eyes you are looking at or the image of the touch you see, or the level of emotion you feel. That is what is so fantastic about reading! The story is there in ink on a page, and your mind through the Author's words drifts creating the imagery.

As great as some stories are, as amazing as it is to live even if in your mind in another realm, in space, centuries ago, experience something violent, something beautiful, live anything a writer offers from their imagination still, as a reader someone else is setting you on the path from their imagination. It is someone else that created the story. Someone else that tells you where the story is going to go, and where and how it will end.

Sadly, often a book will leave me craving more - wishing I could know how the characters fared years later, but as an Author it is all my imagination. I create the story, the characters that will live within the pages. I decide the direction of the story - more on this in a second. I decide where it all ends. I decide if there will be more to tell.

I don't know how good I am at it but writing takes me away from a reality that sometimes can be mundane or sometimes can be tough or disappointing. It allows me to live temporarily in another world that can't hurt or disappoint me - that is filled with adventure or new lands. I can travel to places that don't exist, or one that I would never be able to visit. Writing provides me another reality that only adds to my happiness. Life is so busy between work and home that sometimes everything outside the two suffers. In turn I suffer. I find solace in letting my imagination run. The only struggle I have is that I don't have enough time to write and I have so many stories waiting to be told!

Now, where I said - more on this later. When I first set out putting my ideas on paper for my first novel, A Creation of Tomorrow, I thought I knew all the characters that would live within those pages. I thought I knew exactly how the story would start. I knew the middle, and I knew how it would all end, and yet my book didn't go as planned. This discovery made me that much more excited to write my second book, The Dying Butterfly, and makes me eager to write more stories! In fact I have a few on the go!

See, what I discovered - and read other Authors experience as well, is that often the characters take on a life of their own. Your fingers hit the keys and a chapter is born. Often a new predicament, or maybe a new character is born with it. As the Author you find yourself often scratching your head pondering "How the hell did I get here? And how the hell do I get out of it?" Or "Who the hell is this guy?" The tough part is when you like it! Now you have to decide: Does this character stay? Is this really going to happen? It is difficult to extinguish hours worth of work, especially when you like what you didn't know you would add, but it is even more difficult to work your way back on track with a new character or predicament. This addition can change the storyboard you thought you had created. Heck, it can change the story. It can leave you stuck while you try to work your story's new direction or work it back on track.

That all said, that is actually one of the many things I love about writing! As difficult as these surprise changes can make writing, it is as if my characters have taken over, bringing me deeper into their lives. Sounds silly, but it sometimes seems that way. I provided the first bit of color on the blank canvas but the characters are helping me - adding various shades. Just as the Author provides the reader the finished canvas, it is the reader's interpretation, vision, emotions that decides how the finished picture looks.

All of that is why I write and why I tell you to write! Even if you don't want to share it with the world. Who can’t use a break from reality once in a while? Writing is therapeutic. Writing is liberating! Putting it out to the world is a whole other kettle of fish, but I will save that for another blog…

Do you write? What do you love about writing? Do you want to write? What is holding you back?

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