Basal Cell Carcinoma - Update

'R' is for reconstruction and recovery!

If you read my first blog titled - Me and Basal Cell Carcinoma - you know I just had surgery for it on my nose. This was my second bout of it. The first time, also on my nose, was back in 2008. Luckily I only needed a small biopsy ending in one stitch and it was done, over, I was cured. This time I was not so fortunate.

To be clear, in no way am I complaining as my senario does not even compare to what some others have and are going through. Others have suffered disfigurement. Some have even lost their life to a battle of skin cancer. Me, I consider lucky. My only point with my sharing any of my story is to educate people on the seriousness of skin cancer. Hopefully one person will step up their game when it comes to sunscreen and hats. Maybe not, but that is my entire point to this blog just the same.

Anyway, since this is only an update I will make this one short and sweet.

March 2021 a small pimple looking thing appeared.

April 2021

"Something is up. Scab keeps falling off and coming back. I should call the doctor."

June 2021 appointment with specialist. Shave biopsy done with a note that I needed surgery.

Shave biopsy

October 2021, I was supposed to have surgery but the site edges were looking a little red. In the end I was sent to the hospital to have what is called Mohs Procedure. I explain what that is in my - Me and Basal Cell Carcinoma - blog.

Nov 1, 2021

The actual removal of the Basal Cell. Pretty huh?

Reconstruction time. What was performed for the reconstruction was an upside down 'T'. I left with a pressure bandage. Since it was still frozen I was in no pain. I simply left feeling really rediculous. Let me tell you though, it didn't take long for the pain to kick in.

Saturday Nov 6, 2021 (5 days after surgery). This looks bad enough so you will be grateful I didn't show you until now. It was way more disgusting looking when I took the pressure bandage off 48hrs after the surgery. Well everyday until today. There was a little bit of improvement each day, but today I see the light! I can actually see evidence that the surgeon might have been telling me the truth that I will heal beautifully. Now that the swelling and buising has finally come down I can see traces of my old nose! It might actually end up looking like the one I know so well, and am quite partial to. It will take time - months I figure until I know what the final result is, but I see promise. This pleases me emensly. Forgive the ickyness but the bandaid I have to wear all day everyday is playing havoc on my skin. Plus I am still bruised and a bit swollen.

I still have a ways to go in the healing department but this is my experience so far.

To end this update I will remind you all again to wear a hat and use sunscreen! Use it as directed! Especially during the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the UV is at is strongest. I know from here on I will be. I will have a collection of hats. One for every mood and any outfit. Sunscreen will be my new best friend and on me at all times. There will be a bottle in my purse, in my car, in my coat. I will now be ridiculous with it.

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