Creating a Book Mockup Made Easy

So you have a book you want the world to know about! Congratulations! Now you want to start promoting it!

One way to promote is to create a mockup. A mockup is a professional looking visual of your book with some catchy phrase or words that draw people to your book. Professional book marketers use these to get your book out to the world.

“A professional book marketer? I don’t have the money for one of those!” you say. No problem! This is something you can create and put it out to the world yourself, and I am going to show you how to do it. The exciting thing is you don’t have to spend any money to create it if you don’t have any spend! How awesome is that?

First, is your book available now, or do you have a solid release date? A solid release date is important if it isn't available now. It isn't important for the creation of the mockup, but for the release of it. You don’t want to promise a date and not deliver. If you don’t launch your book to the public on the date you promised you could miss some very important momentum on book sales when you finally release it. I recommend that if you know for sure your book is coming soon, but the date isn’t solid maybe state “Coming Soon” opposed to “Available (and then the date you think it will be out on)”

You also need to be careful of how early you put this out. ‘Coming soon’ means exactly what it says. Six months or a year is way too early in my opinion. I am not a professional book marketer, but as a book reader ‘Coming Soon’ to me means I should see it in the next few months or even weeks. I will only watch for a book for a bit before I forget about it completely and move on to another book of interest. That is unless you are my favorite author or I am reading a great series and I am excited for the next book. Then I might be a little more patient. Even still, over time I will forget about it. I will look again for it eventually if something triggers me, reminding me that I saw something about it, maybe, but that could be months to even years down the road. Maybe you are different… This is just my thought.

Alright, getting back on track. There are many ways to create a mockup. You can use Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher - to name a couple, but I am going to show you one of the simpler ways to do this.

First thing you are going to need is a 3D book cover. For this go to The 3D Book Cover Creator here: The 3D Book Cover Creator You’ll Love to Use ( This site is completely free. No account required. However if you want to support The 3D Book Cover Creator you are invited to donate. If you feel inclined to do so, scroll down to the bottom of any page on the site and you will find the link.

Once you enter the site you will land here (See image below) giving you two options – Single or Composite. This site is super simple to use.

Select if you want a single image or composite

Single image would be one of these

Composite image would be one of these

(There are a couple in here that will ask for 2 images. Good if you have 2 books)

For the steps I will take you through below, if you want both Single and Composite no worries! Start with one, and you can always go back and do the same steps selecting the other after. It is the same with the image options shown above. You can only select one image at a time. Again, you can go back and do this as often as you want.

First, select Single or Composite. Then click an image you want. Then click Next.

You will then need to click ‘Browse’ where you will select your book cover in your files.

Once your image is selected click upload.

Note: Once your file is selected the file path might not appear until you click ‘Upload’.

Now you will see your book cover. Review the image to ensure it is the one you want to appear as your 3D cover. If all is good click Next.

Scroll down to below the image and you will see there are two options PNG or JPEG. If you want the image background to be transparent (which you will for your mockup that we do next) select PNG.

Click either option of PNG or JPEG and the file automatically downloads.

You are now ready to create your mockup!

Reminder: You can go back to the first step and create more 3D book covers as often as you want.

Now to create your mockup!

Now that you have your 3D cover you can skip this step if you use another program like Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher, or some other program that you create in. That all said, the site I am going to show below is a great site for someone that needs a bit of creative help, or doesn’t want to learn another program.

Create an account at Cavna: You can create a free account. They have paid accounts that give you many more options but you can create a very nice professional looking mockup here for free in a few easy steps.

Once your account is created click the big purple Create a Designbutton on the top right. Up will come a menu (See image below). At the bottom of the menu on the left you will see a circle that reads ‘Custom Size’. Click that.

For width enter 1500px, and for height enter 1000px. Finally, click ‘Create New Design’. You can make it 1000px by 1000px if you want it square.

Now your blank template should be before you ready for your creation!

To create my mockup I wanted to find a background image I felt fit the feel of my book. Cavna has a massive selection of images that you can use even with a free account. You can also go to Unsplash:Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash or Pixabay: There are other sites that have great images but these are my main ones I use. You just want to be sure when selecting a site to download images from outside of Cavna that they are a copyright free website. These are images that are free to use for your business. Otherwise you need to make sure you have permission to use it for your advertising.

The images at the sites I provided above are copyright free and free to download by professionals trying to gain exposure. It is good practice to add their name, and where you got their image in your work whenever possible. When you download an image from Unsplash or Piabay for example, a popup shows the photographer’s name and some social media links where you can give them a mention. For a book mockup there really isn’t a place for it. If you are doing another project - maybe a book cover or a blog post you can add an acknowledgement.

Example of photographer's link after download from Unsplash

Now you have your background and your 3D cover. You are all set to begin!

With your blank mockup before you on the screen click ‘Uploads’ on the left side menu and find your background image in your computer files. If you chose a background image on Cavna you will still need to do this in order to import your 3D book cover.

Left side menu

Repeat the upload step above to find your 3D cover.

Once your image and 3D cover are uploaded to Cavna add the background image by simply clicking the image you want to add. Once clicked it will automatically appear in the template. Once the image is in the template, if it didn't automatically fill the space stretch it to fit.

Now add your 3D cover. Once again, simply click the 3D cover and it will automatically import into the template. Shift it around to find where you like it best.

Ready for text

Once that is done click on ‘Elements’. This is not necessary but there may be something you want to add making your mockup that much better. Just be careful not to add so much to it that your 3D cover gets lost.

Elements added: Butterflies

Your background can be far less busy. A solid color or something mellow or abstract with large print that reads ‘Free for a limited time!’ Maybe ‘The long a waited Sequel!’ or ‘Coming December 2021'. Add whatever text that you think is relevant. Maybe you have a sale - 50% off or Free For a Limited Time. Maybe it is a 'New Release' or Now an Audiobook. It could be as simple as ‘12.99’. There doesn’t have to be lots on it. You just want to draw attention to your book. Look at other mockups to get ideas. I have seen some that read things like 'Curl up with hot chocolate and a hot romance'. Be creative and catchy.

That’s it! You’ve created your mockup. Now download it by clicking the ‘Download’ button on the top right. Up will come the below 'file type' option. Click the arrow on the MP4 option and more options appear.

More download options

All but the SVG is unavailable for free accounts. I almost always select the PNG option. If you have a mockup that has animation in it you will want the MP4 option.

Now it is yours to use! Use your new professional mockup on your social media, or your website. Maybe you know a blogger that you feel comfortable asking to add it to their work.