Misguided Perceptions - A Book Recommendation

Misguided Perceptions by Colleen C Moore.

Where to start. I saw the cover. I loved it enough that I read the 'Look Inside' on Amazon. I thought it sounded interesting and decided to give it a go.

Eagerly I kept checking my mailbox for it to arrive. When it finally did I wanted to dive right in but I was in the middle of another book. Yesterday I finally was able to pick it up and today I finished it.

Now to add perspective, I work full-time, write my own books, and am trying to read and provide book recommendations for all of you, whoever all of you might be. Inside all of that, I have a family and a house to run. There isn't much time to dedicate to any one thing so something always has to suffer. In this case, everything but my day job took a back seat. That is how much I enjoyed this book.

Colleen C Moore stated on the back cover that it is "Pride and Prejudice, one where the gender roles have been switched." I have to be honest. I never read Pride and Prejudice and the movie - well, I watched about thirty minutes of it, if that, and turned it off. It bored me to death. Partly because I am not a fan of the actress. Not that she isn't talented, but not my cup of tea. My point is, I had nothing to go on but the words that lived inside the cover.

I picked up this book eager to get sucked into another world and guess what - I was sucked in. It was confusing to me because as much as I had to keep reading right from the very beginning, a part of me wanted to put it down. I will tell you why. First, there were so many characters right from the get-go. Some of the characters even had a nickname, making it a challenge to know who was who for a bit. The other issue I had was on occasion trying to figure out who was saying what. This didn't happen often, but it happened, and I found myself re-reading some of the dialogs again.

Alright, now on to what I loved. This is going to contradict everything I said above. I loved the world that opened up in this book. The number of characters could have been over the top if not written well, but in this book, they all had value and made the world Colleen wrote seem real. Well done! Everyone had a part and a story, and each story played into the main story.

Speaking of the main story. Darcie meets Craig and they are total opposites. Of course, you know how the story goes when this scenario comes up. It has been written a million times. So much so that it can be boring. This was NOT the case with this book. It was NOT boring at all. As I read the characters just kept growing and evolving. I found myself chuckling a few times especially at a line Craig says when he realizes his feelings at a wedding. I won't give it away. I will let you chuckle at it yourself when you get there. I also found a few moments in this book where I got goosebumps. It is important to me when I read that a book gives me goosebumps, makes me cry, or makes me laugh. It doesn't have to make me do all three, but the point is it needs to make me feel. I must connect with the characters, at least the main ones and I MUST feel something. This book didn't make me cry - not a bad thing - but it did give me the goosies, it did make me chuckle, and I did connect with more than the two main characters.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes! I enjoyed everything about this book. The pace of this book was perfect. It didn't race and it didn't drag.

I give this book 4/5

In closing this post, the opinions expressed above are just that - my opinion.

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