Thank you!

Holy WOW! A Creation of Tomorrow is done and has now moved on to Quality Assurance for approval!!!!!

Thank you Heidi Bindhammer for your amazing work in narrating both A Creation of Tomorrow and The Dying Butterfly. It has been a pleasure working with you. I hope I get the chance again soon. You have told both my stories so well and I love you for it. It might sound silly or corny to you, but this has been a dream come true.

To the rest of you, friends, readers, readers that have become friends, everyone, thank you to all who have supported me, believed in my work, enjoyed or loved my work, for your positive reviews, for sharing my posts, for liking my posts, reading my blogs, and for just being you. You have all in some way, big or small helped me to achieve this goal. If it wasn't for all your support, even those little things, my work would have just stayed out there - as they have for a long while now - with only the odd random person finding it. I never would have been brave enough to actually come out of the writing closet and start promoting my work. If it wasn't for all of you I certainly would not have been brave enough to have achieved getting my books into audiobooks.

10 days from now A Creation of Tomorrow will be out for all to listen t! Yay!

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