Third Evacuation - A Book Recommenation

Third Evacuation - Time is Running Out. We Must Do Something by Francisco Villate.

I started to read this about a week ago. I got through the prologue and into Part One, Chapter One titled - Hopeless. I had just finished reading two books back to back. One about love and snobbery (there was more to it, but that is my rushed summary), and the other a beautiful memoir (both here on Earth and in our time). When I picked Third Evacuation up suddenly I was reading words like Laxor, Nors, Lanors, Sarom, Xon and stuff about walking vegetables. I was like "Whoa! Need a minute." I wasn't absorbing anything. I had no choice but to put this book down for a bit. As I went about my own writing and daily life I finally found myself in a frame of mind to give this book another go. Immediately the world I was cast into made sense. Laxor was a place, Nors and Lanors were stars, and Xon was a monk. "Ah," I smiled "good to go."

I don't want to dive into this book too much. There is a fine line between telling you about the book and telling you the entire story. That said, there are two inhabitants that live on Laxor - Mountain people and Plains people. The only thing that distinguishes one from the other is the people of the mountains have a mole in the middle of their forehead.

Sarom is introduced in the very beginning as a young boy born of the mountain people. His parents died and a farmer - man of the Plains - adopted him. He was more or less a child slave. The story follows Sarom throughout. Very early on Sarom enters the monastery studying to be a monk where we learn about the beliefs of Laxorians and their history, along with what is to become of them. This is where I will stop. Any more and I give you the story on a platter. Who wants that?

What I loved is that the writer, Francisco Villate, provides little details, but always enough to visualize. The story just skates nice and smooth. One scene to the next.

What he provides is perfectly perfect.

I like a story that makes me laugh, gives me goosies, or brings me to tears. This story provided me with none of those but it was still a page-turner. What made it a page-turner? For starters, it was a really good story. I loved the beauty of the world I was tossed into, I enjoyed Francisco's writing style, and I enjoyed Sarom's story, but it was more than that. It is stated in the blurb "...showing us a parallel to earth's current situation. Will we be able to avoid our planet's destruction too? Time is running out. We need to do something." This kept poking me as I read. I couldn't help seeing similarities in the story to what goes on in our own world. Even without that in the blurb, I believe it still would have been familiar. I also loved the view that this book took on questions we as a human race have. Questions about life and death. How did we get here? Are we alone? Is there a creator? It didn't get into religion, and of course, this book is fiction so it didn't actually answer any questions, but it was still interesting.

What do I not love about this book? I don't love the cover. In no way am I saying it is ugly because it isn't. It is a good cover! It just doesn't do this story justice. Especially after reading what lives inside of it, I like it even less. When I look at it it reminds me of a textbook. I feel that a better cover would maybe be from a scene in the book where Sarom is at the river. The two stars Nors and Lanors are out and a vegetable joins him. It could just be the girl in me, but that would be much more appealing. Maybe you all will disagree with me, but it is my opinion. Lastly, I did find the plot being reiterated a few times unnecessarily. That said, the reiterations were incredibly brief.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes! I don't actually read much in the world of science fiction. After this, I just might start reading more. It is worth your time!

What do I rate this book?

I give this book a 4/5. I want to knock a star off for the cover, but that wouldn't be fair. The story deserves the 4/5.

In closing the opinions above are just that, my opinion.

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