To Bee: A Budding Beekeeper's Book - Audiobook Review

Written by: Bob Jakes

Narrated by: Jack Russell

Are you interested in how beekeepers do it? Does becoming a beekeeper interest you?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions then this is the book for you!

This book covered so much, but it wasn't overwhelming. It started at the beginning - bees and moved on in a make-sense order. To Bee: A Budding Beekeeper's Book' covers everything you need to know to kick off your hobby and keep it buzzing!

I loved that the author provided a PDF for me to read later or to follow along as I listened. I personally followed along. It helped the information absorb more. It also included some images that made it simpler for me to understand what he was referring to. I kind of needed that as I knew zero about beekeeping until I listened to this book. The PDF was formatted excellently. Sections were titled and points we numbered making it a great tool for referencing back to later.

Chapter 10: Frequently asked questions, was a great chapter. Personally, I felt it should have been placed at the beginning of the book. I don't feel it was wrong to have it where it is, I just feel that at the beginning would be ideal for an easy-to-find and refer to later. Or even at the very end. Just my thoughts.

I loved that he even added recipes in this book. I would have liked images for each recipe. Again, just my preference. I won't make a recipe if I don't see the image first. That said, it was a great bonus.

The narrator: I liked his tone and the pace that he read. He didn't race through it, and he didn't read at a snail's crawl either. I liked that he didn't sound like he was reading except a few times where mid-sentence he took a pause and I heard the click of his mouse as he changed the page I assume. There was one chapter he stumbled a number of times. He didn't drop words or anything like that. I could just hear the struggle he had getting the words out. I am not sure that made sense. That said, I can't recall what chapter it was as I was busy taking in the information. The point to pointing this out is that I was getting so much out of this book that it didn't distract me from it. To me, this book was a course and he made it sound like one. I loved it.

This book: I give this book 5 stars.

The Narrator: I give the narrator 4 stars.

In closing this post, the opinions expressed above are just that - my opinion.

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