Yellow Wife - A Book Recommendation

Yellow Wife, By Sadeqa Johnson

“Wow” is what I have to say about this story. Though the characters are fiction the history remains true and needs to be remembered.

On December 25, 1832, Pheby Delores Brown was born to a slave medicine woman named Ruth and plantation owner Master Jabob. Her home until 1850 would be Bell Plantation, Charles City, Virginia.

Delphina, Master Jacob’s wife, hated Pheby but the Master loved her. Though she was raised a slave he was gentle on her, sheltering her from the typical punishments/torture that other slaves often endured. He provided her with education promising her mother Ruth that once Pheby turned eighteen she would be sent to boarding school in Massachusetts and freed from slavery.

I don’t want to give anything away so I will leave it at, things quickly took a turn, and life as Pheby knew it no longer existed.

Yellow Wife brought tears to my eyes and at times made me feel disgusted with the human race. The cruelty and inhumane treatment in this was heart-wrenching and an embarrassment of what we humans are capable of, but it also showed the strength of our souls. Where one is cruel the other endures. Yellow Wife is fiction but it is a story that no doubt was in line with what countless people actually lived in those times. The strength they had to have had in order to survive the heartache, terror, and losses that they did is unimaginable, but Sadeqa Johnson made sure that you saw it.

I am in awe of the human soul after reading this. The risks one will take or the hell one will endure for the love of a child, or the general will to live is beyond words. The strength one must have in order to sleep each night and open their eyes the next day to live it all again, waiting ever so patiently for it all to be different I can't even imagine.

Do I recommend this book?

It is a BIG YES for me! I highly recommend Yellow Wife. It is history even though it is fiction. It is everything I look for in a book. A must-read for sure! This book started a bit slow but as I got to know the characters I was hooked. It was a page-turner filling me with a roller coaster of emotions. I couldn't stop reading it.

I give Yellow Wife a 5/5

I feel that a 5/5 is required due to how well this fictional story portrayed a NON-Fiction brutal past. One we should be more than ashamed of, but unfortunately, one that was similarly repeated as we moved through history.

In closing this post, the opinions expressed above are just that - my opinion.

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